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Signature Facials 

At Vitawell we have developed our facial programmes to provide you with a bespoke personalised facial programme as we strongly believe that “one programme” does not fit all


Our therapist is highly trained and has gained a wealth of experience to ensure your tailor made treatment programme is bespoke to your skins needs.  All our signature facials can be mix and matched and brought as one-offs or as a course of 6

Hydro Oxygen Facial £55


This 30 minute facial is a total deep cleanse using our medical grade device to perform Hydro Oxygen dermabrasion using a gentle vaccume and oygen infused serum, Skin Scrubbing via electromagnetic current, Radio Frequency skin tightening, no needle Mesotherapy, cold hammer and pure oxygen infusion.

Hydro Oxygen dermabrasion works by spraying a supersonic jet of oxygen infused water droplets while the spiral-shaped tip exfoliates and gently vacuums out dead skin cells, sebum and other cellular debris.    

This non-invasive technology is effective in dislodging blackheads, flushing impurities and deep cleaning pores, providing restorative and hydrating serums, antioxidants and peptides for plumping of the skin, radio frequency and mesotherapy for tightening whilst leaving your skin healthy and glowing with the applied serums readily absorbed into the skin revealing immediate results and NO down time. 


Our Hydro Oxygen Dermabrasion Facial is used to address a variety of skin care needs, including:


  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Elasticity and firmness

  • Even tone and vibrancy

  • Skin texture

  • Brown spots

  • Oily and congested skin

  • Enlarged pores

Gain consistent results time and time again with this safe and effective treatment as it improves the current condition of your skin. Fight the signs of early aging and protect your skin from environmental pollution and harmful free radicals.


LA & LA Gold Facials: £45 & £50
These two 1 hour Luxurious facials are designed for you to mix and match, they both include hydrating enzyme double cleanse, Vitamin A & Glycolic Scrub, open pore steam, Carbon, 24k Gold or Collagen boosting mask, choose between Sonic Skin Tightening,  IceBall Therapy or 10 minutes of LED Light Anti-Wrinkle treatment, tailored serums to suit your skin type, SPF 30 moisturiser, neck & decolletage massage with hydrating serums or essential oils. 

Skin Pick-me-Up: £45

A quick skin pick-me-up treatment lasting 30 minutes. This facial gives you a basic cleanse, exfoliation, condition and pamper to your skin with a soothing facial massage. Ideal as a refreshing booster to the skin for those in a hurry.

Prescriptive Gold Facial: £90

This is the start point for you to have a better skin. We aim to address the fundamental needs of your skin within this treatment: cleansing, exfoliation, defence building, hydrating, boosting tired skin and preventing premature ageing.

This is a complete bespoke facial, and we will only use the products and technologies that best suit your individual skin needs.

Advanced Combination Facial:  £120


This is a more advanced and result driven facial treatment. The skin conditions we will address here may be more specific: such as anti-ageing, problematic skin, sun damage or collagen stimulation. Technologically advanced treatments such as Diamond Microdermabrasion and LED Red Light Therapy will be used alongside other skincare treatments like our Silk Face Mask, Hylauronic acid buffet serum and anti-ageing serums. This is to help you achieve better results within the treatment programme.

Starter Advanced Facial Programme

Single Treatment: £120
Course of 12 treatments: £1200

This is the entry level of our advanced non-surgical skin programme that addresses your individual skin conditions: whether it’s anti-ageing, pigmentation, rosacea, acne or acne scarring.

A course of treatments is usually recommended. We will use a combination of various skin technologies and treatments in order to deliver optimum results.

Main treatment technologies in this stage include: Diamond Microdermabrasion, LED Red Light Therapy, Oxygen and Radio Frequency 4 pixel technologies may also be used dependent on individual conditions.


Medium Advanced Facial Programme

Single Treatment: £170
Course of treatments: £1800

This is the medium level of our non-surgical signature skincare programmes. Taking one step further than the starter programme, this medium programme aims to control the damage of the skin which has already started to happen. More aggressive methods are used and you may experience some downtime. In addition to all the technologies that we use in our Starter Programme, here more advanced treatments such as Radio Frequency 4 and 4+ pixel technologies will be utilised along with Skin Peels

Comprehensive Advanced Facial Programme

Single Treatment: £200
Course of  treatments: £2000

This is our most advanced non-surgical skincare programme with the highest level of aggressiveness. It provides a curative approach to address visible signs of ageing, or severe Pigmentation, Rosacea, Acne and Acne Scarring. Within this stage, we focus on working with the deepest level of the skin to regenerate the collagen and elastin production so that the skin can repair and regenerate itself.  We aim to restore your skin texture, even skin tones, give more volume to wrinkles and to help you achieve a fresher, brighter and younger looking skin.

All the technologies in the above programmes will be available here in addition to Aesthetic skin peels and a higher degree of Galvanic LED Red Light Therapy, in this programme we use layered technology so that you get the most out of each visit to the clinic.

To Achieve Optimum Result…

We believe in looking after every aspect of your skin in order to achieve maxium results from your treatment. As our skin changes depending on diet, stress levels, medication, lifestyle and seasonal changes, it is essential to follow up the progress of your skin and maintain the results you have achieved.

We offer a course of maintenance programmes to suit your individual skin condition.

You will require a FREE Skin Consultation where our highly experienced Therapist will assess your skin, answer any questions you may have and work with you to produce your bespoke skincare programme that suits your needs.

To book your free skin consultation or find out more about Vitawells Signature Facial Programmes please feel free to call us on 01245 808280 .



Why not enhance your Signature Facial experience and add on a dermaplaining or micro dermabrasion treatment to fully exfoliate your skin.


Or go the full hog and book a Carbon Laser Facial, to give your skin a total resurface exfoliation. 


All our Signature Facials can be mixed and matched with any of our other facial treatments to give you a totally bespoke and tailored treatment programme that covers all your ares of concern.


All our facials include cleansing, mini exfoliation, serums, moisturise and massage, you can add sonic skin tightening, facial steaming, freeze skin toning, carbon laser, chemical peels, radio frequency, skin rejuvenation or our LA and LA Gold facial for a totally luxurious facial experience.

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